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Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care is a professional landscaping and lawn care company located in Greenville, North Carolina. Owner Brent Creech, a former police officer, has committed over 20 years to bettering the landscaping of Greenville and its surrounding areas.

At Creech’s Landscaping & Lawn Care, we offer full commercial and residential services in: lawn and landscape maintenance, deck construction, patio and walkway construction, hardscape construction, snow removal, backflow prevention, and that is just to name a few. There is much more Creech’s Landscaping will do for you!

Brent Creech has a professional group of individuals who make it a point to connect with their clients and form a strong relationship. Our service and support are unmatched by any other landscaping company. Not only are we here to help, we are fully insured up to $2 Million, with state-of-the-art equipment and a well trained staff.

Creech’s Landscaping has only the most qualified team who are dedicated to satisfying the best interests of our clients and their properties. With professionalism and a friendly, positive attitude, the crews at Creech’s Landscaping & Lawn Care put the needs of our customers first.

Not only will Creech’s Landscaping & Lawn Care cater to the needs of our customers, we will ensure the highest quality, professional services for any job we tackle!

Contact us now for patio installation, landscaping enhancements, and much more! From the sidewalk to your backyard, Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care offers all the services you need to increase your curb appeal. Call today to get started with deck construction, driveway paving, or any landscaping service you require.


At Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care, we cherish every project and interaction with our customers. While a large focus is placed on design techniques and the landscaping work itself, our team is trained to center around the needs of each individual client.

You can read about the experiences of some of our past customers, or you can also leave your own review too! We value every piece of feedback we receive so that we can continually improve our landscaping services moving forward!

Creech's Landscaping did a great job clearing our parking lot and salting during the winter storm. Brent was always available to answer questions and was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for everything!!

Eason Fuller Avatar Eason Fuller
January 6, 2018

Was not able to get a quote within the timeframe that I needed it - but I SO APPRECIATED the honesty, genuine concern and engagement. I will be calling back to schedule a job with them soon.

Rosie S. O'neal Avatar Rosie S. O'neal
March 28, 2019

If you are looking for someone to care for your lawn needs, look no further. Brent can do anything you need done. From simple cutting to decorative fire pits, snow plowing or salting of driveways. Residential or commercial, no job is too big or too small.

Robert Wright Avatar Robert Wright
January 16, 2018

NC Landscape Contractors’ Licensing Board Logo.

Starting in August of 2014, the North Carolina Landscape Contractors' Licensing Board was created to regulate landscape contracting in North Carolina. Those who are not licensed under the NCLCLB, by law, can not "engage in the practice of landscape construction or contraction using the designation "landscape contractor,"... unless the person is licensed as a landscape contractor by the [NCLCLB]."
License #1463

Greenville Utilities Commission Logo.

Backflow prevention is one of Greenville's leading efforts to provide homes with fresh, safe, clean water. If you have an irrigation system, chances are you have a backflow sitting in your front yard. Backflow Preventers are designed to disallow water to flow back into the city via a siphon. Prevention tests are required to be performed annually by GUC. Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care is certified by the Greenville Utilities Commission to test, service and even install backflow preventers.
License #039

North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board Logo.

Effective in 2009, the North Carolina Irrigation Contractor Licensing Board was established to "protect the public health, safety and welfare, and to promote the efficient use of water." Having a license from the NC Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board gives Creech's Landscaping the qualifications to install, maintain or repair your irrigation system. Irrigation systems are a step above to ensure a lush lawn and beautiful landscape.
License #115

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Logo.

For over 45 years, the North Carolina Pesticide law of 1971 requires specific licensing for an individual who applies any pesticide chemicals for compensation. The type of license is dependent on where and how pesticides are applied. Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care is certified as a Commercial Ground Applicator for ornamental & Turf grassand can apply the appropriate pesticides for a weed-free, pest-free yard.
License #25955



Creech's Landscaping & Lawn Care is accepting employment applications from qualified candidates to fulfill vacant positions. If you'd like to be considered for employment with a reputable landscaping company, please fill out the form below.