Professional Pergola and Deck Installation in Greenville, NC


Often accompanying gardens, pergolas consist of vertical posts with supporting beams laid across to create defined space within a large open area. With a pergola, your patio or backyard gains a structure that offers shade and an area portioned off for gatherings and events.

Pergolas come in a variety of materials and designs, spanning from wood, vinyl, aluminum and more. To help you decide the most suitable specifications for your home, you can trust in the experts from Creech's Landscaping. Our team is fully equipped to help you find the pergola that fits your preferences and needs.



Providing a vantage point over your backyard, with close proximity to the comforts of your home, a deck is an ideal place of gathering. With a sturdy frame and ample space, you can easily welcome friends and family to your home to enjoy a casual evening outdoors.

When it comes to deck construction, our team at Creech's Landscaping has you covered from start to finish. With a detailed design process, we will help you decide on the most suitable materials and layout of your deck. We also lay down quality finishes to seal your deck's beauty for years to come.


Please call us today if you are interested in building a new deck or installing a new pergola. We are excited to create a distinguished addition that you can enjoy with your loved ones.