Professional riding lawn mower, mowing a residential grass area.Mowing, Trimming, Weed Control, and Plant Pruning


Have you found that "Mr. Landscaper" is a bit unprofessional? Did the last crew just disappear? With Creech's Landscaping in your yard you won't ever have to worry again.

With our state of the art GPS monitoring system, you can be alerted when our crews enter and exit your property. Our teams are well trained to ensure your yard has the best curb appeal that will make your neighbors jealous for weeks!

We mow, we trim, we even pressure wash. If it is in your yard chances are we can take care of it!

Irrigation sprinkler head watering the lawn.



To keep your lawn green and your plants healthy, an irrigation system can handle all of your watering needs.

From timed programming, to rain sensor and water conservation techniques, Creech's Landscaping Irrigation Professionals are licensed and certified to install, maintain and even repair your irrigation system all year round!

Irrigation backflow preventer system.

Backflow Prevention Check


If you have an irrigation system, then you have one of these bad boys!

Backflow Prevention Systems are required by law to be installed with any irrigation system. These systems prevent a water siphoning effect from occurring in certain situations when city water is being used.

Local governments require annual functionality reports for every backflow within jurisdiction. Creech's Landscaping Irrigation Professionals are licensed and certified to check, install and repair backflows.

We guarantee to beat any competitor price and can even include it in your lawn care package!