Retaining Wall and Sitting Wall Construction in Greenville, NC

Retaining walls offer a solution to connect steep slopes with level ground. By bracing the pressure of sliding soil against a retaining wall, you will accentuate the contours of your landscape. The contrasts created by setting flat land to elevated space make retaining wall construction a popular request.

However, the construction of retaining walls requires diligent and careful planning. Calculating the retaining wall's strength against the forces of sliding soil, storm drainage and other environmental factors requires extensive understanding. Building a weak retaining wall is a massive liability if the wall fails to hold back the elevated terrain.

If you want to add a retaining wall to your home, call the professionals at Creech's Landscaping. With over 20 years of landscaping experience in Greenville, NC, we know how to handle the environmental factors in this landscape. With our service, we will build a secure retaining wall in a timely manner. Look below at some of our past projects!

Please call us today to begin constructing your new retaining wall. We are excited to create a distinguished addition to your home that will last for years to come!